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Movement "Charity Movement" helps thousands of families

The divorce rate in the world has more than doubled over the past 40 years. In the countries that are leading according to this indicator, more than 50% of marriages end in divorce, that is, at least one in two! Besides, it happens regardless of the development level of the country: the USA, Germany, Russia, Spain, Brazil, and Mexico. All this leads to an increase in a number of single-parent families. Think about your friends, acquaintances, colleagues. How many of them raise children alone, without the help of a partner? Is it good for a child? No, it is not. A child gets less attention. Kids often either “draw into their shell” or deepen in the virtual world of computer games or begin to consume alcohol, drugs, start to smoke or wander.

Adults simply do not have enough resources (money or time) to focus on the needs of their child. Children feel unneeded, unloved and lonely. All this results in great psychological problems and often in problems with the law.

But a nuclear family is not a panacea. Even if a child has both parents, this does not guarantee a happy childhood. Indifference, psychological pressure, physical and sexual abuse – both children from complete and single-parent families may face this.

What consequences does such attitude of adults have? Attempt to leave this world. In recent years, the number of childhood suicides and suicide attempts has increased by 35-37%. Most often, such attempts are made by teenagers at the age of 10 -14. And 80% of them are children from complete and wealthy families! Such families give the impression of prosperous, even perfect ones. You will never guess that your colleague's or friend's child can commit suicide! It will not just spring to mind!

Charity Movement has been working with children and teenagers for more than 20 years. We helped thousands of teenagers to build relationships with parents, classmates and teachers. We help teenagers to reveal their talents, realize their potential in life, and become successful in business and creativity. Moreover, we help children who are victims of abuse. And also we help teenagers to stop using drugs, alcohol and smoking.

If your children need help or you know a kid who has problems in the family or with peers, or you are ready to help adolescents but do not know where to start, come to us or become our volunteer!

Every child has the right to have a happy childhood!

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