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Rituals for getting the qualities of world’s great women

All the steps of the rituals for getting the qualities of 10 Great Women of the Earth will help you to become a gorgeous & successful woman: attractive, healthy, successful, independent, inspiring, wise, mysterious, tender, seductive and self-assured. They will help you to become the happy in relationships and meet your soulmate. The ancient practices for opening the qualities of the Great Women are also available to you

Dear friend,

Permit me to ask you a couple of questions:

Do you have friends or acquaintances whose entire families are financially poor?

Or maybe you know someone who has problems with love relationships?

Then alllow me to go further – sometimes the whole family may have problems in relationships. Indeed, there are entire families where all the women are single, or all marriages end up in separation, or all of them end up being widowed.

But why?

Modern psychologists, coaches, doctors advise that these situations are the result of their subconscious mind, which was built in a poverty mindset, or a bad relationship mindset. Meaning that their patterns of thought and atitudes were learnt throughout the years, at home, in school, influenced by mass media.

To change this, a lot of efforts should be made, to counter act the patterns in their subconscious mind. It requires a lot of new affirmations, repetition, and changing the environment around.

There are now new technologies such as brainwave entrainment, and also hypnotherapy to reach the realm of our subconscious mind.

And you may think – then it is resolved. One just needs to go through some hypnotherapy sessions to change their mindset and it´s done.

However, what about the environment?

Your close ones with whom you are constantly in contact? It is just not fun to have ourselves “fixed up” while our beloved ones remain suffering.

You may convince some of them to go through the same sessions as you did.

So then let´s think – what about our ancestors who have already passed away?

According to the 40.000 years old knowledge from ancient traditions, those issues are passing through the lineage, generation after generation, and it´s spread since hundreds of years, from ancestors who might have passed away decades before you were born.

The Ancient Knowledge reveals great secrets that we now share with you in our special Power of Lineage Course.

Through very simple but deep and powerful practices, your whole lineage can be healed from difficulties such as poverty, loneliness, misunderstandings and grief.

Consisting of 6 modules, step by step, with the support of very experienced, real shamans of the modern age, who have themselves overcome the problems of their own lineage and healed their entire lineage (ancestors and future generations), you will work on different times of your life – past, present, future. You will also know about your own predestination in this lifetime.

In this course you may:

  • Get free from the past – yours and your ancestor´s past – which have generated difficult situations and sufferings
  • Strengthen the Power of your Clan in yourself
  • Create a Prosperity in your future life and in the lives of your descendants
  • Realize your true Life Mission


  • There´s no representation of your personal specific situation
  • There´s no analysis of your individual process by other participants
  • Family Constellation use to work in one specific area, since it is becoming more and more distant from the original concept created by Bert Hellinger. Nowadays there are Constellation sessions only for diseases, or relationships, or family relations, even Shamanic constellation which seems to be the farthest from its creator who was a Christian priest.
  • We will have full guidance and support from real shamans of the most ancient tradition of Shamanism in Asia, who will work with your specific issue individually ü They are very well experienced shamans, who work with people´s family karma around the world for more than 25 years.
  • No halucinogenic herbs or drugs used

Begin the day with sacred practice to invigorate your body, mind, and spirit. During the session we will move through the four elements by calling in Earth (shamanic running), Water (laughter), Fire (Earth and Sky practice) and Air (dancing). We will begin with walking or running, continue with a couple of ancient spiritual practices, then yoga and finish with the Field of Love meditation. Bring this practice with strong energy of happiness and inspiration into your week!

This is a weekly gathering offered to the community members to practice the ancient prayer meditation of purifying our thoughts, emotions and physical bodies through breath and fire in order to create a "field of love" for those around us.

This course is completely new. That was developed in order to strengthen and feel our female chakras to cultivate our inner feminine essence. During the course, we will dance and work on sensuality and opening up the 2nd chakra. We will do the "I deserve" practice to strengthen our will. We will finish our practices with a meditation on the "Field of Love" - meditation of love which opens our heart chakra. We will sip tea and relax, bask in the feminine beauty, which we are. Feel free to dress beautiful and open your feminine energy.

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