Where do fears and disconfidence come from? How do you overcome them?

25 August 2020

The "Field of Love" project will help you become successful

What makes a truly successful person different from everyone else? Above all, self-confidence! After all, it is the doubts in our own strength, talents, abilities and competencies that prevent us from achieving amazing results and realizing all our dreams. Is it possible to get rid of this uncertainty? Yes, the "Field of Love" project will tell us how.

The main reason for all failures

Very often, we stop before making a decisive step in an affair. We are limited by fear. For example, many people are afraid to go on stage and perform in front of a large audience. If you've ever tried to perform publicly in front of a hundred or at least a dozen people, you've probably felt a sense of fear in the area of solar plexus.

What are you afraid of? That the audience may think wrong about you, that they will not like your performance and so on. Such worrying thoughts prevent you from concentrating on the performance, which means it can really fail.

This also applies to other areas of life. For example, you may get scared when you are offered a higher position, or invest in a new startup or volunteer project. If you have fear in your heart, 90% that you will refuse the offer. And miss the opportunity to change your life for the better.

Where does fear come from?

Fear and disconfidence arise when a person focuses on themselves. When you are scared, you have thoughts in your head that are selfishly directed on how you will be accepted by others, whether you will be good in something, whether trouble will happen to you. Which means fear is selfish.

To get rid of fear, you have to think not about yourself, but about how to help other people.

We wrote about the guide of Power in the previous article. The distinctive feature of a guide of Power is that they are not afraid of anything because they do not think about themselves. All their attention is focused on people and how to help them.

That, for example, makes the guides of Power great speakers. After all, before going on stage and speaking in front of a lot of people, they focus all their attention on how they can help the crowd and what they can do for them. Depending on what exactly the guide of Power wants to convey to people, they choose the only right words, gestures, intonation, directing all these instruments at people, not at themselves. They are not worried about how they will speak to them, but about how they can help.

This is very important. When you shift the focus from yourself to people, you are not afraid of anything. Have you ever tried to come up and get acquainted with someone you don't know in the street? It doesn't matter if it’s a man or a woman. Try it! Let it be your assignment.

Today, meet someone on the street. Let it be a woman, it's always easier to get acquainted with them. Your job is to talk to her first. Perhaps you'll start by complimenting her.

The purpose of this task is to make a pleasant acquaintance, or maybe even exchange phones. This is so that you can feel this sticky fear inside you and the disconfidence that you will do something wrong.

But you have to get through it. To overcome that fear, you need to think how you can help this woman. As soon as you shift the focus from yourself to another person, the fear disappears immediately.

That's how it works. It is the most important secret of the guide of Power - to be connected to the source of Power and to know who you want to help. Only then do you become a full-flowing river that brings happiness, love and joy to this world.

Beata, Milan:

"I've been very shy since I was a kid. At school I was very afraid to perform in front of the class. It was as if I was attacked by numbness, I could not force a single words. I was blushing, sweating and mumbling something unintelligible. Although I knew the subject very well.

My parents were worried about me,. When it was time to choose a profession, they insisted me to apply to teacher training college. My mother believed that working with children would liberate me, and I could learn to communicate without constant fear.

But alas, these hopes were not fulfilled. At school I felt misplaced; the children did not listen to me. I slowly started hating my work. It was a vicious circle.

One day I attended the "Field of Love" project, and I saw all my problems in a new light. The mentors opened my eyes. After all, in any situation, my first thought was about what people would think of me. I was thinking about it, not about what I could be of use to them. Of course, that was my biggest mistake.

I started attending group sessions regularly, had an individual diagnosis, and received recommendations from the masters. Everything changed. I learned to work with my energy and with the energy of the world. Now, five years later, I became the headmaster. I enjoy my work, the students and their success. And there is success! Our graduates enter the most prestigious universities of the world, and I think their names will eventually go down in history. Of course, I'm happy to be a part of it!

In recent years, I have been constantly speaking at various conferences, charity events and I don't feel any fear! After all, I help people, and it fills me with strength and health. I am glad that I was able to change myself, and I am infinitely grateful to the Field of Love project for this happiness!

Invite new women to the "Field of Love" project, bring them to the group classes in your city. Then you will see how your problems will be solved at the speed of light. You will be healthy, beautiful, wealthy and loved. Try it and you will see how it works!

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